The "Heresy": the Tube/Mosfet preamplifier for the T-AMP!

The "Heresy" is a small hybrid tube/mosfet preamplifier that has been designed to complement the small Class T amplifiers like our "Class T Amp 2020" or the original T-Amp.

Class T amplifiers have a very good sound, recognized by independent reviews and audio enthusiasts all over the world.
But can we go also a bit further? Gen we get still a bit more audio quality?

The Class T Amp 2020 has been our first reply. Designed for sound quality and not to be "extremely cheap", it's still extremely cheap ... if you consider the quality you get!
The output "air core" inductors literally put in a different category

. Can we go even further?
The answer is yes, it seems that a tube front end can do miracles, some people has written really enthousiastic comments on the combination "tube pre" + "t-amp".
But a tube pre costs a lot of money .....

No more! Here's a very small tube preamp that can really change the sound of your hify system. And it's really cheap too.

The "Heresy" tube preamp is the ideal tube complement for your "Class T Amp 2020" or original T-Amp. Together they create a new category of quality for the price.

The Heresy is very small, Just 10x60 mm, comparable with the size of Class T Amps, yet it contains the most relevant Audiodigit's developments:

* "Dual tube socket" technology: just choose your favourite tube, mount the socket you need (Octal or Noval), and configure with a couple of jumpers the voltage and routing of the heater voltage .... suitable for Ecc82, Ecc88, 6SL7, 6SN7, 6H30 .... most signal tubes can be mounted!
* Fully stabilized power supply for both the anode voltage and the heater.
* The anode supply has a "virtual battery" structure, with soft start
* Stabilized heater supply, for really hum-free sound, can be configured to give 6.3 Vdc or 12.6 Vdc
* A choice of Alps volume pots, you can mount the cheaper RK97 series or the high quality Alps RK27 (the famous "blue" Alps pot)
* Mosfet "class A" output buffer stage, for very low output impedance, can drive any kind of power amplifier
* A couple of jumpers to let you test "on the fly" the effect of the cathode bypass on sound ....

The Heresy is small, quite cheap, very easy to build, but with a delicious sound. It can really double the quality of your hifi system.
It's the best improvement you can buy for the Class T Amp 2020, or for the standard t-amp, but can do wonders also with a traditional power amplifier or integrated amp.
Keep in mind that the "tube sound" is easy to recognize, it's a touch of warmth and 3D aded to you sound. No more listening fatigue, just the floe of music ....

Why "Heresy"?

The name "heresy" came when we decided to build the best combination of old and new technologies inside a preamplifier: a tube for voltage amplification, and a high voltage power mosfet as a buffer output stage.
Usually two tubes are used, but the second one is quite wasted, it has no influence on sound, it's just needed to have a sufficiently low output impedance. So we decided for the hybrid approach, a Tube where the influence on sound is great (voltage amplification), a mosfet where a clean work is needed (current amplification. In common thoughts it's an heresy, we imagined the first reactions .... "what? a tube and a Mosfet?"

Well, maybe it's an "heresy" for many people .... but when you listen to it attached to our Class T Amp 2020 you really risk to remain with your mouth open!
its transformer can be ordered from here

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