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Special offerThe "Tube-T Amp" hybrid Tube / Class T integrated amplifier - preassembled and tested module

We are convinced that if you want the best from both old and new audio technologies, and have it for a very reasonable price in a small power efficient package, the best you can do is joining a tube preamp with a Class T output stage.
The Class T amplifiers have a very good sound, yet a tube preamp allows a vast improvement of it: the "warmth" of the tubes is easy to recognize, it adds a bit of three-dimensionality to voices and instruments and really involve completely the listener in the sound.

Marrying the tube preamp with the Class T power amp was no easy task. We wanted also to create a very stable product, so completely stabilized power supplies were included for both the tube and the output chip. A headphone out was requested by some people who saw the first images of the prototypes ... and as a final touch we desired to fit all of that inside a small package (power efficiency allows for that).

After much experimentation, prototypes and exchanging of tubes and parts, we have the solution: a unique small sized PCB

* with a TA2020 power module
* and fully stabilized power supplies.

You only have to attach externally a good transformer with the necessary voltages included in the price of this offer .

Some technical details:
* Tube preamplifier based on 6SL7 tube
* Completely stabilized "virtual battery" anode supply, with soft start
* DC power supply for filaments: no hum at all
* Mosfet buffer stage between the tube and the power amp chip
* Power amp based on the Tripath TA2020 chip (the one used in the "Class T" amp kit
* Fully stabilized power supply for the power stages
* Air core inductors in the output stage
* Class A Mosfet based Headpone output
* Very small footprint: only 16 x 10 cm. Low height, can be assembled to fit in one rack unit (with the tube coming out on top).

The "Tube T" integrated amplifier is so full of technology and qualities and produces such a good sound that ...
it's likely to become your definitive amplifier system.

Included in the offer a dedicated transformer with the voltages that fit and a tube 6SL7.

Available Options:

Potentiometer Option +:

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