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Mains voltage 230V
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Standard frames

One top bell

Two lateral bells

Input the secondary specifics, note that the current value must be in A example:
5 A input 5
500 mA input 0.5
50 mA input 0.05

Volt sec 1 Amper sec 1

Volt sec 2 Amper sec 2

Volt sec 3 Amper sec 3

Volt sec 4 Amper sec 4

Volt sec 5 Amper sec 5

Volt sec 6 Amper sec 6

Volt sec 7 Amper sec 7

Volt sec 8 Amper sec 8

Some important tips for sizing secondary windings::

1) If you want to make a DC power supply with 4 diodes and know the output DC current, to correctly size the secondary of the transformer you need to multiply the DC current by 1.4.

Fig. 1

2) If you want to make a DC power supply using a secondary with 2 diodes and a central tap as in the fig. shown below, you must multiply the DC current by 1.4 but consider that the two branches of the secondary will work in parallel , so the result should be divided by two.

Fig. 2

3) If the secondary is used to supply in alternate without rectifier, the current must be indicated as is, without modifications.